ObjectViewer Bug in Squeak 2.x ?

Dean_Swan at Mitel.COM Dean_Swan at Mitel.COM
Mon Aug 9 20:06:30 UTC 1999

Evaluating the following expression with "do it..." on any Squeak V2.x system
I've tried causes the system to lock up to the point that the Squeak VM needs to
be killed from the host OS.  Evaluating the same expression in Squeak V1.3 works
fine and operates as expected. (BTW, this is the example from the Class Comment
for ObjectViewer).  Some kind of "dieing gasp" message comes up that indicates
something about a message not in the inheritance chain, but since the system
locks up, debugging this is a bit difficult.

     Sensor evaluate: [Sensor cursorPoint printString displayAt: 0 at 0]
          wheneverChangeIn: [Sensor cursorPoint].

I stumbled on this in my quest to create a "landscape" display mode for running
Squeak on the Casio E100/105.  I planned to use the ObjectViewer functionality
to intercept message sends to #Display, and swap the x,y coordinates in BitBlt

So, on a related note:  Is there a better and/or safer way to intercept message
sends to #Display, or is 'become:' about the only way to do it?

                         -Dean Swan
                         dean_swan at mitel.com

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