A morphic idea

Daniel Allan Joyce daniel.a.joyce at worldnet.att.net
Fri Aug 20 00:02:16 UTC 1999

	Well, I noticed a bug/design problem in morphic....

	If you create a morph, say alignment morph with a clock morph and
simplebutton morph inside, with the button set up to 'delete' and thuse
close the alignment morph when done, it works fin...

	But if you rotate and scale it, then try to close using the button, it
leaves behind a Transform Morph.

	Also, you can't embed a rotated button morph in another in some cases.
If you can, the embedded morph loses its transformation, and assumes
that of the parent morph...

	Looking at the code, when not rotated...

	button->alignment->world morph.
	So the delete action kills the alignment morph, and its children,
button and clock.

	But when rotated, 

	So alignment is killed, but transformation morph is left behind,
cluttering the screen.

	Since at creation time, there is no easy way for the button to know of
the transform morph, it will never work correctly when rotated.... It
seems the rotate button on the halo is reparenting the morphs, and
inserting the transform morph when needed...

	Question then,
	Why don't all morphs know how to transform themselves? Could we
sublcless all morphs that need rotation from Transform morph? Shouldn't
a morph be able to transform itself without the need of the halo, or
reparenting ( thus messing up the button calls...)? What would be a good
way to do this?

	I would like arbitrary, embeddable, local transformations for morphs.

	I'm willing to work on it too..

	Is this a good idea?



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