Site Access Woes -- Was: Update from server blows up.

Dwight Hughes dwighth at
Wed Aug 11 14:53:46 UTC 1999

Squeak Central made the request for an FTP librarian a while back -- I
found out after my offer that Bruce ONeel <beoneel at> had
already volunteered to be the FTP librarian. Bruce told me that at first
he was told by Squeak Central to hold off for a little bit because a
2.4d release was imminent - but then another path was then taken toward
2.5. He created some bundles to upload to the UIUC FTP site, but could
not upload them -- he is still waiting for a response from the sysadmin
at UIUC.

Dan accepted my offer to help with the mess. What Bruce and I have
initially decided on is for him to handle the various platform specific
bundles and such and for me to handle source code contributions -
indexing and annotating and collecting them. Dan (and I think some of
the rest of the Squeak Central team) is out of pocket for the next
couple of weeks (though Dan did say he would still be wired) -- after he
returns he plans to get more space for the Squeak.Org site so we can
have a place to keep everything. So hopefully all this mess will start
getting straightened out in early September.

One thing I will need help with is finding all the various code
contributions and collecting them and annotating/documenting them. We
will need to set up and document some procedures for code contributions
so everyone can benefit.

-- Dwight

JArchibald at wrote:
[...a good summary of the chaotic state of Squeak archives snipped...]
> I am willing to help fix this situation, if I can in any way. To Dwight
> Hughes (if he is the appropriate resource), if he is given authority to
> straighten this out, I offer my services to him to help in any way that I
> can. Similarly for anyone else trying to create more reasonable access
> arrangements and documentation for these resources.
> Jerry Archibald
> System Objectives.
> JArchibald at
> On 8/11/99 4:05:51 AM EDT, dway at writes:
> << I'll second Dwight's nomination as FTP site librarian.  No amount of
>  posting answers to this list will prevent first time Squeak users (who
>  generally aren't on this list) from just downloading the obvious .zip file
>  from and running into problems.  Volunteers often make good
>  librarians anyway. :) >>
> On 8/6/99 10:27:54 PM EDT, dwighth at writes:
> << BTW, is Squeak Central still looking for an FTP site librarian? I would
>  be happy to help with getting this mess straightened out. >>

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