[BUG] Re: squeak portability problem

Dwight Hughes dwighth at ipa.net
Tue Aug 10 19:21:01 UTC 1999

The unsupported display depth is caught in Squeak 2.4c -- you just get a
notifier telling you this and everything is fine. The mini image is
based on Squeak 2.2, which fails rather ungracefully in this
circumstance. I haven't tried creating a tiny image from 2.4c yet to see
what the differences might be (you can create your own "tiny" image
quite easily, though it won't be quite as small as the close-to-minimal

-- Dwight

Carl Gundel wrote:
> >From: Dwight Hughes <dwighth at ipa.net>
> >fine at 1 bit depth (BTW, 2 bit depth is not supported under Windows).
> That's well enough, but I was disappointed that choosing an unsupported
> color depth killed my Squeak session.  :-(
> -Carl

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