XANADU Code released...

Les Tyrrell tyrrell at canis.uiuc.edu
Tue Aug 24 21:36:11 UTC 1999

I've reconditioned the two available source files for Gold-
these can be found, along with a short description of what I've done, at



Craig Latta wrote:
>         I went to the Xanadu BOF in Monterey last night and spoke with everyone. I introduced myself as a Squeak hacker, which elicited cheers from the Xanadu folks. :)  Mark Miller in particular is interested in getting the Gold release going in Squeak. I plan to speak more with him soon.
>         Their stuff gives good demo (thanks to Ka-Ping Yee's pyxi). I think their work is still very relevant and powerful, and now it's tenable.
>         More to say, but now I have to go fall over and sleep...
> -C
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