AW: Morphic viewers and SyntaxMorph

Stephen Pair spair at
Thu Aug 26 13:02:46 UTC 1999

From: Andrew C. Greenberg [mailto:werdna at]
> And as long as we are putting the questions from the Educomm demo,
> how *does* one drop a graphics or other Morph into a TextMorph to
> have the text wrap around the Morph?

Create a BookMorph.  Drop a text morph into it and add some text.  From the
red halo, select "avoid occlusions."  Drop another object (for example a
star) into the BookMorph and position it over some of the text (if you use
the halo to move the new morph, use the brown button not the black).  The
text should avoid the star (or whatever morph).

From: Torsten.Bergmann at
> I also watched the Educomm presentation by Alan. Cool !
> Is someone able to shortly describe the things he did to
> combine the wheel with the car without coding. The video quality
> was poor - so I wasnt able to figure out how he did it.

Not shortly.  But perhaps a hint.  Create a "new scripting area" from the
"authoring tools..." menu in a Morphic project.  Open up a parts bin to
create your drawings of a car and a steering wheel, then drop them into the
scripting area.  Selecting each of these objects will display a viewer, from
which you can drag tiles out into the open area of the scripting window.
Sequencing these tiles then gives you a "script."  That you can run by
hitting "!" or by selecting "ticking" from the status menu (by clicking on
the button titled "Normal") on the ScriptEditor.

I'll see if I can record these things using an event recorder and post the
event tape.

- Stephen

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