New Squeak Porting Proposals

Craig Thrall cthrall at
Thu Aug 19 15:28:02 UTC 1999

> >There's only PocketSmalltalk so far, which has a very compact binary
> >and can only develop binaries from a host PC (porting this development
> >environment to the PalmPilot would be enough to make a Squeak).

>      I don't mean to detract at all from PocketSmalltalk, because it
really is
> an outstanding and commendable achievement, but I wouldn't under-estimate
> it would take to turn it into a full development environment running
native on a
> PalmOS device.

Hey guys - thanks for the info.  I started playing PocketSmalltalk last!  I'm new to the language but I think PST will force me to learn seems much easier and faster to write code for the PalmOS using PST
than C/C++ (after I learn the language, right? :) ), and since the authors
included the SYSTRAP functionality to let you call any of the Palm API calls
you aren't limited in what you can do with it.

> PocketSmalltalk is an impressive achievment, but it is better thought
> of as a traditional language compiler for producing stand-alone
> applications than as a development system like Squeak.

Definitely...but it's exactly what I was looking for for the Palm...and I
can use my Linux box to run Squeak.

Thanks again,


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