Morphic ideas, and others...

Daniel Allan Joyce daniel.a.joyce at
Fri Aug 20 23:40:50 UTC 1999

	Well, I really want to hack at morphic. I noticed some inconsistencies
in how morphs resize in alignment boxes too ( ie, stickiness doesn't
appear to work all the time...).

	Make more morphs arbitrarily embeddable, add better preference support.
There seems to be bit drawing and clipping errors, so I'll stomp those

	Then the issue of how to rebuild all the morphs to better use
transforms. Any help? 
	BTW, I can't find a "otherProperties" dictionary, where is it? How does
it save space over the use of a normal object reference/ methods?


	Transmeta is making a chip designed to be a ultra-fast emulator of
other chips Instr Sets. It uses a rom dispatch table, and is a VLIW
design. Should be able to build a SmallTalk mode for it, so we can give
Squeak the speed it deserves...  Its a very fast stack based processor.

	MAJC from Sun is also promising. Would make a good system to target.
While not dedicated to emulation, it has a simple IS, and is fast.
	I wonder how hard driver writing is in SmallTalk?  :)

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