Daniel Allan Joyce daniel.a.joyce at
Mon Aug 16 04:53:58 UTC 1999

	Well, 2.5 is a real nice release! Not many display bugs left! I showed
a friend at work Morphic, and he was impressed. Like creating clock
morphs with a quit button with 3 lines of code. Really reusable. 

	I was wondering...

	Is there a Morphic for VW? Will there ever be? Or is it too tied to

	I use Linux at home, and frankly, the unix ports of Squeak have been
slow and nothing bu trouble. Visualworks works great on my box though.
So worse case, I could load it and use it in VisualWorks (if it exists
:)  )...

	I know there appearently is a DB driver for Squeak. What DB's does it

	Daniel joyce.

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