VW applet plugin

Peter Smet peter.smet at flinders.edu.au
Fri Aug 6 00:02:47 UTC 1999


I think this is something they have been meaning to do for many
years, but it is 'vaporware' at present. Has anyone actually used
this applet plugin? It looks to me like they will have to do what VW
has already done. More re-use in the Smalltalk communities would
be a good thing.

Anyway, here is the word from the horse's mouth, James Robertson,
after I emailed him on this issue:

> If this plugin can load and run VW Classes, could it do the
> same for other Smalltalks? Whatever it loads would
> have to be compatible with the VW VM, but this may
> be possible with ANSI-Smalltalk.

Right now it assumes that it will load parcels.  However, since all the
actual work is done with communication with the browser (a C interface),
I assume porting could be done.

</end quote>


>Dolphin has had a browser plugin for quite some time now.
>Check <http://www.object-arts.com/Products.htm#Web Applet Deployment Kit
>Bob Jarvis
>The Timken Company

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