[UPDATES] - also [BUG] ClassBuilder breaks class references

Dan Ingalls Dan.Ingalls at disney.com
Tue Aug 3 22:21:43 UTC 1999

>On Mon, 2 Aug 1999 16:32:30 -0700  "Raab, Andreas" <Andreas.Raab at disney.com> wrote: 
>>Thanks for the info - it will be fixed with update 1367 which will show up
>>any time soon out there for the test pilots.
>Umm... I keep looking, but I don't see anything. Am I being too impatient?

Folks -
I have just issued a few more updates, the most important one is the above (1366 in external updates).  Note that it recompiles the entire system, which will take 5-10 minutes or more.  Summaries below
	- Dan

1358ObjectExplorer-RAA -- Bob Arning -- 21 June 1999
ObjectExplorer provides a hierarchical alternative to #inspect.
Simply evaluate an expression like:
World explore
and enjoy."


1360Alice2AnimChng-jsp -- Jeff Pierce -- 28 July 1999
Tightens up the animation hierarchy for Alice v2.  Because we're splitting out composite animations into AliceScripts, we can eliminate some classes to streamline the hierarchy."

1361Alice2AbstAnim-jsp -- Jeff Pierce -- 28 July 1999
Fold what was in AliceSimpleAnimation into AliceAbstractAnimation."

1362fridayMisc-sw -- Scott Wallace -- 30 July 1999
A potpourri of fixes and improvements in the run-up to the 2.5 beta release...
(1)  Corrects the bug that caused a trash-can to be opened when you clicked on something that was in front of any part of its bounding box.
(2) Exclude several types of objects involved in tile scripting from consideration for automatic viewing. 
(3) Extends the morphic 'restoreDisplay' facility so that it rescinds any display suppression that might be lingering in any hands.
(4) When the 'dismiss' button of a Viewer in a flap is hit, the entire flap is now removed.
(5) When a morph which has a ViewerFlap looking at it is dismissed, the ViewerFlap is dismissed."


1364PrimMakePoint-ar -- Andreas Raab -- 30 July 1999
Two modifications to primitiveMakePoint:
a) Allow for non-integer arguments (which is okay, since 1 at nil will return Point x: 1 y: nil).
b) Allow float receivers so that float points can make use of the special byte code and don't have to go the long way."

1365PrimMakePointFix-ar -- Andreas Raab -- 30 July 1999
And a fix for the last change set since I forget that allocating a point may cause a GC :-("

1366GlobalRefsFix-ar -- Andreas Raab -- 2 August 1999
Fixes the problem that recompiled classes are not found by using #allCallsOn:. Also recompiles all methods in the system to make sure all old stuff is being fixed."

1367noSketchColor-sw -- Scott Wallace -- 2 August 1999
If an object does not have any Bordered costume, do not offer 'borderColor' and 'borderWidth' in its Viewers.
Additionally, if an object has only Sketch costumes, do not offer 'color'."

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