[newbie code] NameSpaces - early code

Peter Novak pno at whitestein.com
Thu Aug 5 16:37:37 UTC 1999

as I said before few days, I am working on implementation of  name spaces
into Squeak. Now I have something usefull. The code is not the best you ever
seen and there are many bugs (I tried to clear them up, but no one knows if
I didn't made more). In RTF document is description of my work. I wanted to
publish it on Swiki server, but it seems that it doesn't works (is it
down?). So I'm sending all the sources, documentation and test expressions
by mail.

I'm sending such early work because now I am leaving for some time and my
work may be inspirative for some people (Giovanni Giorgi).

I'll be happy if those who are interrested in will coment it.


Peter Novak.

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