name for "binary object streaming"

Carl Watts Carl at
Sat Feb 20 03:53:08 UTC 1999

>(In the mean time, I've got binary object streaming screaming along. Can
>anyone suggest a good name? VW had the BinaryObjectStreamingService
>BOSS, and KSC called its system "Archiver" -- I'm currently calling the
>facility OTF ("ObjectsToFile").)

"Object Streaming" is a good name.  Usually the fact that the object is being copied onto a Stream is part of the public interface.  "Objects to File" unfortunately implies it is only for storing objects in files.  A good name would imply that what is stored is NOT the original objects, just a detailed enough description of them that new objects just like them can be re-created later.


"Object Dehydration" (fun name... take an apricot and preserve it in a dried compact state...  'anObject dehydrateOn: anObjectDehydrator'...)
"Object Desiccation" (similar)
"Object Stasis" (like a "stasis" chamber in science fiction)
"Object Passivation"  ('anObject passivateOn: anObjectStreamSomething')
"Object Transcription" (the process is a lot like DNA transcription: an object (a Protein) traverses the original DNA to produce duplicates) ('anObject transcribeOn: anObjectTranscript')
"Object Pickling" (its like taking a fresh cucumber and preserving it in brine so you can have it later) ('anObject nextPickleIn: anObjectBrine')
"Object Embalming" (preserving it for an 'after-life' or its next life...  interesting connotation but somewhat mordbid)

Oh, don't get me started!  :-)

Carl Watts

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