Microsoft shopping for Java alternative

David E. Edwards dedwards at
Sat Feb 13 11:58:51 UTC 1999

Being new to this mailing list, I would normally lurk for a while until
I had a valid question, but this has prompted me to reply: -
I am not, as yet, a Squeak developer (I was going to say programmer, but
developer seems more applicable), in fact I am not as yet a Smalltalk
developer (but soon, real soon!!) - I AM a programmer, though - 25 years
- Consulting etc - COBOL, Fortran, Basic, C, etc. ad nauseum.  Now, I
decided on Smalltalk as my next adventure because I wanted to really
understand OOP.
And ---- this has got to be the one of the easiest program development
concepts to grasp - I should have done this 10 years ago :-)
Alejandro F. Reimondo wrote:
> The point is that Smalltalk is NOT a language.
> Smalltalk is a place where objects live & evolve.
> C++, Java & others are simply Object ORIENTED Languages
> Most people don't see the difference (yet). :-(

Very well voiced, Smalltalk is not a programming language - that's what
makes it so easy for me to grasp - Ohh Boy, this is going to be FUN!!

Apologies if my comments are considered an intrusion :-))

Dave E.
dedwards at

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