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Doug Way dway at mat.net
Sat Feb 20 06:53:37 UTC 1999

On Thu, 18 Feb 1999, Dan Ingalls wrote:

> Folks -
> It's finally a simple matter to direct someone to Squeak information!
> With help from Don Sawtelle and Mike Hauser, we have registered the
> domain name Squeak.org, and reserved a modicum of disk space to serve up
> Squeak info.  Right now this simply offers up our old home page and
> points off to all the other sites, but it's a fast, reliable host, and a
> simple, appropriate domain name. 

That is great news.

If I could make a small Squeak page enhancement request, though, it would
be to add a link to Georg Gollman's Squeak MailArchive at

It lets you easily do searches through the Squeak mailing list archive,
which is a great reference, I use it frequently.  (The mail archive at
UIUC is unforunately not searchable, nor is it easy to even get to the
recent postings.) 

It could be added as a link called "searchable archive of the Main Squeak
List", underneath the other archive links, or something like that.  (I
assume Georg doesn't mind, there are already links to this page from the
Swiki pages, etc.)

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