Pressures for Substantially New Squeaks

Pennell's pennell at
Mon Feb 15 10:55:47 UTC 1999

>> To have the benefits of the syntax and name spaces I patched the method
>> Class>>scopeHas:ifTrue: like this:
>> "patch"
>> self locations associationsDo: [ : each |
>>     assoc := each value associationAt: varName ifAbsent: [ nil ].
>>     assoc == nil ifFalse: [
>>         assocBlock value: assoc.
>>         ^true
>>     ].
>> ].
>> "end of patch"
>> superclass == nil ...
>> Now you can type any crazy name, as long as it is defined in locations. So,
>> instead of typing String I could type Tekenreeks (a possible Dutch name for
>> String) and have it compile String.

Would the following proposal work for solving 'order of filein' problem?

- Extend the compiler to convert any references to unknown classes to references
  to a proxy that retains the name of the referenced class.
- The proxy could then look for the real class at run-time (or via a development time 
 interface) and re-compile to the real class on the fly.


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