Scrollbar preference idea

Hunter Kelly retnuh at
Thu Feb 11 21:40:18 UTC 1999

Hmm I've been playing around with this, too.  I got it to a somewhat
working state, but the behavior wasn't exactly what I wanted.  Then 
I had to focus on real work  :-(  I'm hoping to get another stab at it
weekend and make it do what I want.

I'd be interested in taking a look at what you did...


Doug Way wrote:
> On Thu, 11 Feb 1999, Carl Gundel wrote:
> > Where do I find the code that presents (pops up) scrollbars?  It would
> > be great for slower machines to only activate the scrollbars when the
> > content of a pane is scrollable.  This could also be added as a user
> > preference.
> >
> > This seems like a fun and worthwhile project.
> It's in different places for MVC versus Morphic... For Morphic, it's in
> the class ScrollPane, method mouseEnter:, and maybe others.  I'm not as
> sure about MVC, but I think you want to look at the class
> ScrollController.
> For MVC, I guess you'd just check to see if the scrollbar would fill the
> scroll area, and then not display it?  Sounds cool.
> I've actually just been working on enhancing/fixing the Morphic scrollbar
> so that it displays the correctly proportioned scrollbar, indicating how
> much of the pane is filled (just like the MVC scrollbar does, basically).
> I tweaked PluggableListMorph and PluggableTextMorph so that all
> browsers/tools/etc in Morphic take advantage of it.  It seems to work
> pretty well now, I just want to test it some more before posting the
> fix... probably in the next couple of days.  (Any comments/objections?)
> Probably your enhancement would be easier to add to Morphic after my
> enhancement is added (there's an "interval" you could easily check).
> Also, it would be extra-handy for the inboard scrollbars, since they
> wouldn't hog as much space.
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