Tim Olson tim at jumpnet.com
Wed Feb 17 13:34:54 UTC 1999

>>What machine are you running on? My Macintosh returns 0.0 (not negative 
>>zero).  Sounds like a bug in the exp() C library on your machine.
>Dual iP200mmx NT4 machine.
>>>after the line dealing with 0.0 ^ 0.0? Or should the ln+*+exp thing work?
>>It should work, given correctly-operating C library routines.
>What I find most odd is that it didn't fail before...

Hmm. that's pretty strange.  May be some other interaction going on with 
the new VM.

>Then asFloat, and then 0.0 gets sent ln etc etc etc. Now max: chooses 
>-0.0, and then the result of the max: is truncated to get anInteger and then 
>Squeak complains that -0.0 can't be truncated. ???

Another strangeness -- negative-zero truncates to (integer) zero fine on 
my Mac running Squeak 2.3.

     -- tim

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