Windows MIDI utilizes software MIDI, not Mac

Bruce O'Neel bruce_oneel at
Wed Feb 3 10:03:39 UTC 1999

  I think (no NDA) that Quicktime for Java is not quicktime rewritten
in Java, but, rather, a Java interface to the native quicktime.  This
pretty much means Win and Mac only.

  Some Quicktime media can be played with xanim though on unix.



J Chapman <carolan at> wrote:
> >(Is there a Unix Flavor?)  Even so, why wouldn't it make sense for
the MIDI 
> >synthesizer to be componentized, so that the "front-end" can be
used with a 
> >host of applications including, but not limited to Squeak, the
several MIDI 
> >synthesizers available via serial lines AND Quicktime, Microsoft
Media, etc?
> There are any number of MIDI players for Unix operating systems. I'm
> sure of its status, but Apple is meant to have a Quicktime for Java, 
> which would increase its portability a great deal. The remaining 
> question, of course, is whether Quicktime for Java is as good and 
> featureful as a native code implementation.
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