Alt-Click still works for Halo under Windoze?

Doug Way dway at
Fri Feb 12 21:48:16 UTC 1999

On Fri, 12 Feb 1999, Mark Wai wrote:

> Is there anyone who experience problem to bring up halo in any morph using
> Alt-Click under windoze (2.3 image)?  I can't bring halo up in any morph by
> using Alt-Click.  I have to use Ctrl-Click to bring up the pop up menu and
> then select 'add Halo' which obviously is very time consuming when you are
> playing with scirpting with many morphs.   Any suggestion is appreciate
> although I can get by most of the situation so far without using Alt-Click.

Yes, I noticed that Alt-(left)-Click doesn't work for me with 2.3 on
Windows NT, either.  I have a 3-button mouse, though, so I didn't really
notice.  Alt-Click does seem to work with 2.2 on Irix, anyway.  (Anyone
have the new 2.3 VM for Irix yet?)

However, Ctrl-Alt-(left)-Click does work to bring up the halo on NT with
2.3, so you could use that.  I don't know why Alt-Click doesn't work.

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