CFP: ECOOP'99 Multi-User Object-Oriented Environments Workshop

Ian Piumarta Ian.Piumarta at
Mon Feb 1 11:01:45 UTC 1999

This might interest some of you.  More details at:


> Multi-User Object-Oriented Environments Workshop
>                   In association with the 
> 13th European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming (ECOOP'99)
>                  (
>                Lisbon, Portugal, 14-18 June 1999
> MOOs are object-oriented environments where multiple users
> synchronously and asynchronously interact in the context of virtual
> worlds. MOO environments constitute a challenging context for
> object-orientation theory and practice due to their unique
> requirements for adaptability, simplicity of use, dynamic changes,
> functional and non-functional domains to be considered,
> domain-specific languages, software architectures, object-oriented
> frameworks, coordination and distribution.
> The goal of this workshop is to bring together MOO users and
> researchers to discuss the technical requirements of Multi-User
> Object-Oriented Environments on object-oriented languages and
> frameworks.

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