Proxy servers and firewalls (was: 17 new updates)

Mike Maguire Mike.Maguire at
Fri Feb 12 00:52:02 UTC 1999

With all these new updates and new features, can someone remind me how I 
connect to the update server via my firewall or proxy.

I cannot get through it to download the updates for 2.3


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	>>> In a morphic screen menu, choose 'new 
	>>It's wonderful!!!! Thanks, Andreas!!!!
	>It is really cool!!  :-)
	>One question though.  It gets pixelated if I enlarge it.  I take it
	>rendering is done before the scaling?

	This sould not happen.  Is it possible that you rotated it first,
introducing an old-style warp?  Then if you scaled it the scaling would be
done by warpBlt and intorduce pixelation.  If you just place the morph,
cmd-click to get a yellow handle, and draw out the handle, you should get
scaling without pixelation.

		- Dan

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