Building Squeak for Solaris 5.6 [was: Re: Need help building 2.3 VM.]

Joerg Brunsmann Joerg.Brunsmann at
Thu Feb 25 10:13:10 UTC 1999

Marcus Denker wrote:

> GNU autoconf/automake/libtool
> This is used by many other Open Source (tm) projects (even Netscape).
> autoconf generates these nice ./configure scripts that build Makefiles
> and test for many common Unix-compatiblility problems.
> IMHO it would be good to convert the UnixSqueak to use autoconf.
> (and I volunteer to do it).

Although a mighty task, that's a good idea, because:

1. The Unix makefiles are far too complicated for users who only
   want to build a VM on their platform. 
2. For example, generating a headless VM with 

     $ ./configure --enable-headless

   is easier than modifying the source code.
3. Since feature based cpp defines (e.g. HAS_FEATURE_XY) will replace
   OS specific defines (e.g. SUNOS_56) in the C source code it is likely 
   that it will be more readable.



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