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Sat Feb 20 07:12:57 UTC 1999

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Date: Friday, February 19, 1999 9:15 PM
Subject: State of Exceptions

>Hello all,
>This is the monthly posting to query as to whether any of those working
>on exception handling for Squeak have made any significant progress. I
>left the port of the MinneStore database "ready to fly" except for
>(In the mean time, I've got binary object streaming screaming along. Can
>anyone suggest a good name? VW had the BinaryObjectStreamingService
>BOSS, and KSC called its system "Archiver" -- I'm currently calling the
>facility OTF ("ObjectsToFile").)
>Did CraigL ever release his exception handling code?
>Did anyone else get any of the partial EH systems finished?
>_ Stephen Travis Pope
>_ stp at,

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