New SGI Squeak binary available from MIT.

Bill Cattey wdc at MIT.EDU
Tue Feb 23 23:22:54 UTC 1999

Doug Way reported a simple benchmark to me:

	Time millisecondsToRun: [100 factorial]

and pointed out that his 2.2VM on his 180MHz O2 ran it twice as fast. 
(~50 vs ~95).  On my 200 MHz O2, I was getting ~50, but on my 300 MHz
Sparc, I was getting ~20.)

This was sufficient information for me to try setting "-OPT:Olimit=4000"
to force the global optimizer in the MIPS C compiler to act on interp.c.

It took a couple minutes to compile, but the resulting binary is now
giving me ~40 miliseconds.  I expect, then, that others would find the
speed greater with optimization forced.

I've replaced the binary.  Find it in:

I've modified

for those interested in the source.


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