Joachim Durchholz joachim.durchholz at munich.netsurf.de
Sun Feb 14 11:27:36 UTC 1999

Hi all!

I finally got around to filing in all the updates. It wasn't that easy,
but I got it to run without too many error messages.

A few questions that remained open in the process:

1) Is there a way to automate this filing-in process? In particular, the
WWW Updates page alone is about 80K, which takes quite some time to
download for me. Also, the process of downloading updates, opening a
file browser, and filing each update in separately (and taking care to
use "File in as a new change set" instead of just "FileIn") is a
somewhat tedious process.

2) Is there any harm done if I first "FileIn", then note my error, and
"File in as a new change set"?

3) Why is anything that scrolled beyond the start of the Transcript
lost??? I just lost some error messages that I wanted to report it. Now
I have to draw them from memory. Grr...

4) Update 638XBMReadWriter2-mr didn't show me the "File in as a new
change set" menu entry (at least not on the main menu; I found it behind
the "more..." entry). Not sure whether this is serious.
(Later I found it was downloaded with an additinal .xbm extension, which
is full-grown nonsense. I'm not sure whether my browser added the
extension or whether it's wrong on the server.)

5) Update 638XBMReadWriter2-mr complains that "codecs is Undeclared".

6) Update 648StartupListFixes-di complains twice that "RequestBoxMorph
is Undeclared".

Any comments would be appreciated.

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