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Gary E. Bloom geb at
Thu Feb 25 00:56:17 UTC 1999

At 2:33 PM 2/23/99, Lex Spoon wrote:

>Squeak will be fine with just about anything you can buy in the stores
>today.  Here's a stab at some comfortable, inexpensive "minimums" -- you
>can do with less, but these are really cheap and will definately be
>        - Pentium 166
>        - 32 MB of RAM
>        - a video card that does 800x600 with 64k colors
>        - a three button mouse
>So why do people bother to sell all these expensive computers in the
>store?  That would be games, games, and games.

Isn't one of the goals of Squeak Central  to be able to create animated
games with Morphic? Seems to me that the fastest cpu available wouldn't be
too fast.

Regards, Gary

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