Mac Serial Ports on PowerBooks

Mark Guzdial guzdial at
Thu Feb 25 14:05:39 UTC 1999

Again, my thanks to everyone who pointed out the CFM-68K need for Squeak
2.3 -- Squeak 2.3 is happily running on my PB 190cs now.

I'm hoping that someone here knows the fix for the other Mac-specific
problem I'm having with Squeak: Addressing serial ports on Powerbooks.  On
both my 190cs and G3 Powerbooks, I'm having no success in addressing an
external MIDI device via the "Printer/Modem Serial Port."  Squeak offers
that port by name to output MIDI to, but I always get an error opening the

I have now been able to get OMS to work, based on Stephen Pope's
description of his set up.  The key seems to have been to install the Apple
MIDI Manager.  Now, OMS recognizes my MIDI interface and synthesizer.

Is there a fix similar to the need to the CFM-68K extension -- i.e., some
serial switch/extension/something that will enable Squeak to better address
the single serial port on a Powerbook?  Or, are other people not having any
problems at all, suggesting that I may have something conflicting on my


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