Windows MIDI utilizes software MIDI, not Mac

J Chapman carolan at
Tue Feb 2 16:43:05 UTC 1999

>(Is there a Unix Flavor?)  Even so, why wouldn't it make sense for the MIDI 
>synthesizer to be componentized, so that the "front-end" can be used with a 
>host of applications including, but not limited to Squeak, the several MIDI 
>synthesizers available via serial lines AND Quicktime, Microsoft Media, etc?

There are any number of MIDI players for Unix operating systems. I'm not 
sure of its status, but Apple is meant to have a Quicktime for Java, 
which would increase its portability a great deal. The remaining 
question, of course, is whether Quicktime for Java is as good and 
featureful as a native code implementation.

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