[Enhancement] to Browser (addition of '** all **' and 'reclassi fy...')

Norton, Chris chrisn at Kronos.com
Thu Feb 25 19:05:19 UTC 1999

Hi Folks!

Carl Gundel and I have come up with a nifty little enhancement to the Squeak
system browser.  Here's a portion of the ChangeSet preamble that describes
our enhancements:


Change Set:		Browser ENH Classify
Date:			24 February 1999
Author:			Chris Norton & Carl Gundel

This change set includes the following feature enhancements to the Browser:
1.  Addition of a virtual '**  all  **' message category
2.  Addition of an automatic '**  unclassified  ** category
3.  Addition of a new browser feature for message pane:  'reclassify...'

NOTE:  These features were inspired to some degree by ParcPlace/Digitalk's
VisualSmalltalk Enterprise (TM) Package Browser.  We really like some of the
behavior in that browser, so we borrowed some of their good ideas.  We just
want to make sure we have given credit where credit is due!  :-)

[ truncated the detailed description of the changes ]


We think this enhancement will improve the usability of the browser(s).  I
know that we use all three parts of the enhancement regularly.

We hope you enjoy it!

---==> Chris Norton and Carl Gundel

PS>  If you folks like the feature, perhaps someone at "Squeak Central" can
put it into the next release?  I have not had the pleasure of submitting any
new Squeak code before this, so I am not sure about the procedure one must
follow to make this happen.

Thanks!  --> Chris


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