SQUEAK.ORG lives, and other topics

Dan Ingalls DanI at wdi.disney.com
Fri Feb 19 06:57:43 UTC 1999

Folks -

It's finally a simple matter to direct someone to Squeak information!

With help from Don Sawtelle and Mike Hauser, we have registered the domain name Squeak.org, and reserved a modicum of disk space to serve up Squeak info.  Right now this simply offers up our old home page and points off to all the other sites, but it's a fast, reliable host, and a simple, appropriate domain name.

I and the rest of the Squeak Team have very been busy for the last couple of weeks (as we shall be for several more), and have thus been quiet on several issues of current interest.  I feel I owe you all some response on the topic of Squeak for Production, as well as a promised "Archaeologist's Guide to the Squeak Image", and some discussion of a few other topics including modularity and printing.

There will also be a spate of new updates, but I think I won't have time for this until  next week.  It's my hope that we'll reach a plateau of sorts around mid march, at which time I'll put out a 2.4 image, not for any dramatic new features (although there will have been a lot since 2.3), but mainly as a consolidation for those who do not, or cannot easily, track the update stream.

Onward and upward

	- Dan

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