Windows MIDI utilizes software MIDI, not Mac

johnm at johnm at
Wed Feb 3 22:57:00 UTC 1999

Mark Guzdial <guzdial at> wrote:
> I did some more digging into the QuickTime docs and into porting our
> JukeBox to Siren.
> - The QuickTime MIDI support seems to most want you to just take your MIDI,
> hand it over to QuickTime, and then play the movie that it returns.  To
> play individual MIDI note events, it looks like I have to translate them
> into notes and durations, then ask QuickTime to handle the MIDI data that
> way.

That's what I thought, too, for a long time. But that develop article
describes the NoteAllocator routines:


which correspond exactly to the MIDI NoteOn and ControlChange messages.
That is, PlayNote turns a note on or, with a velocity of zero, turns it off;
you don't need to supply a duration. However, the routine:


seems to be missing from the copy of QuickTimeLib that I've got.
(I'll try looking for for a newer version on the Apple web site.)

These three routines should sufficient to handle all the MIDI commands
currently generated by the Squeak ScorePlayer.

	-- John

P.S. If anyone can enlighten me on how to change instruments,
I'd appreciate it...

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