Squeak Performance on WinCE?

johnm at wdi.disney.com johnm at wdi.disney.com
Tue Feb 9 16:17:32 UTC 1999

Here are the numbers for the Compaq Itsy:

	[26 benchFib] timeToRun 1215
	[10 benchmark] timeToRun 673

These times are in milliseconds; the Itsy is fast! These numbers
suggest performance about 1/3 of my blazingly fast Mac
Powerbook G3. Not bad for a 5 oz. palmtop!

These numbers were taken while running the Itsy at full
speed (about 200 MHz), which uses power more quickly.
It is possible to change the StrongARM clock speed under
software control, so you can rev it up only when you need
the performance. The StrongARM 1100 chip has 16K of I cache
and 8K of write-back D cache. They are 32-way associative,
which increases cache effectiveness.

To summarize the reports so far:
	Casio E-11 (from ohshima at is.titech.ac.jp):
	    26 benchFib: about 60 seconds 
	Nino (from "G–ran" Hultgren <gohu at rocketmail.com>):
	    26 benchfib: 38 seconds (+- 0.5 seconds)
	    10 benchmark: 14.5 seconds (+- 0.2 seconds)
	Compaq Itsy:
	    26 benchFib: 1.215 seconds
	    10 benchmark: 0.673 seconds

Bruce, I'm leaving out your interesting prediction of the
Casio E-100 performance until someone is able to actually
measure it. But I suspect your guess is in the ballpark.
Tim Rowledge: thanks for the pointer to the PLEB. Quite

	-- John

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