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Carl Gundel morphic at
Fri Feb 19 04:10:41 UTC 1999

I've posted the complete scrollbar enhancement at:

Here's the preamble text:
This enhancement to Morphic popup scrollbars optimizes for slow hardware 
by displaying scrollbars only for panes which can be scrolled.  This 
eliminates some of the choppy feel of the UI for slow computers.  There 
is also a new preference entry called optimizeMorphicScrollbars.

It only works under Morphic, but MVC performs well enough that it isn't 
really needed there.  I also added a Preferences entry to turn the 
feature on/off (default is off).

Thanks Dan for your help,


>From: "Carl Gundel" <morphic at>
>Thanks for the help.  I've managed to get the feature mostly working in 
>Morphic. When I've got this polished I'll share it with everyone.
>Where do I look to do this in MVC?
>>...and you will have to come up with a solution for invoking the menu
>>for that pane (leave the little part with the menu button?).  That is
>>where I stopped the last time someone requested this feature.
>As for the menu button, I've just been shift-clicking for that menu.  
>Since this shifted menu seems to be the "more..." menu, I think it 
>be smart to move that menu item to the top of the menu (rename it "Next 
>menu...").  Or maybe each successive mouse click could cycle through 
>available menus.
>Also, any thoughts on the input focus mechanism?  It doesn't bother me 
>much, but it's still an issue for many users that the mouse cursor 
>to be on top of whatever pane I'm trying to type into.
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