SqueakEnvironment, or the "low road" to native GUI

Doug Way dway at mat.net
Fri Feb 19 07:50:03 UTC 1999

On Thu, 18 Feb 1999, Marcel Weiher wrote:

> I think there are 5 distinct levels of native GUI integration:
> 1.	Blitting into a native window
> 2.	Opening new native windows
> 3.	Drawing using native facilities
> 4.	Native event reception
> 5.	Fully native widgets
> [snip]
> (5) I am guessing that with good-looking morphic widgets drawn in  
> native windows and event-based I/O, the need/desire for actual native  
> widgets will drastically decline.  [snip]

This has been my thought as well... I'm looking forward to seeing some
more and better Morphic widgets being contributed by folks.  Along with
the Morphic scrollbar stuff I've been doing, I might try to add support
for a horizontal scrollbar.  After that, I'm thinking of working on a nice
hierarchy widget.

I imagine that #3 (drawing using native facilities) would also help speed
up the performance of Morphic?  Thus reducing the need/desire for native
widgets somewhat further.  (Native widgets still have some advantages, of

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