floating-point NaN handling in Squeak

Michael S. Klein mklein at alumni.caltech.edu
Sun Feb 21 23:57:39 UTC 1999

<Handling of infinities snip>

Mathematica has a pretty neat way of handling infinity.

There is a DirectedInfinity that has a phase in the complex plane,
and an UndirectedInfinity.

Roughly, the reciprocal of zero is UnirectedInfinity.
VW's Infinity positive and Infinity negative would correspond to
two of the DirectedInfinities (of which there are a continuoum of, 
the group SO(1), I think.

The Directed infinity is the limit of 1/x as x approaches 0 from
some direction in the complex plane.

This would be a good way to unify a Complex number package with

-- Mike

mklein at alumni.caltech.edu

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