Newbie Question: Where did the name Squeak come from? at
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Yes, I agree that it may not be an acronym at all. Somebody proposed to me
that the name Squeak came from the fact that some of the folks at Disney are
extremely fond of Mickey Mouse and since squeaking is one of the things
Mickey does well. Hey , who knows.

The question is was the name adopted before the principals went over to
Disney and if not was it adopted after they knew that they were going to

Just fascinating stuff

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>Not to SQUash Everyones Acronym Kreativity concerning the origin of the
>name Squeak, but I'm betting it has nothing to do with any acronym. It
>seems to me that an audible "squeak" is even less audible than the quite
>murmurs sometimes called "small talk". I also remember the just of
>Alan's '97 OOPSLA KeyNote, part of which was the notion that the bad
>thing about Smalltalk was that it went "commercial" to early and quit
>evolving. Therefore, I'm willing to start a rumor that the name was
>chosen on the same philosophical basis that "Smalltalk" was (see Green
>book), and intended to cause even less marketing vapor than Smalltalk
>did. :)
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