C-based OO extensions / Objective-C

Marcel Weiher marcel at system.de
Sat Feb 13 12:50:02 UTC 1999

[Tim:  a plague on C++, Java, etc. ]


although I generally agree with your sentiments, I'd like to make a  
little exception:  Objective-C really works well, probably because  
the OO-extended part is as close to Smalltalk as you can get (fully  
dynamic dispatch, introspection, forwarding/proxies, dynamic class  
loading, class extensions, keyword syntax!, etc.).  And the one thing  
it really shines at is the thing that most Smalltalks, including  
Squeak, are quite weak:  integration.

It is also fast:  5 million fully dynamic message sends per second  
on a 233MHz G3, Squeak does 700K message sends and 14 million  
bytecodes/s on the same machine.

My Squeak plans include using Objective-C inspired ideas for closing  
the semantic gap between Smalltalk and its environment, for both  
better speed and interoparability.


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