Microsoft shopping for Java alternative

David Chase chase at
Sat Feb 13 05:02:14 UTC 1999

At 07:21 PM 2/12/99 -0800, Jan Bottorff wrote:
>What I'm suggesting is that Microsoft MAY be considering seriously backing
>SOME alternative language.

Indeed possible, but you might not be too excited
about Microsoft Visual Extended Enhanced Turbo Smalltalk (tm)
when they are done with it.  I think this is what the remark
about the south-bound end of the north-bound predator was
referring to.

>In the past, I believe Smalltalk did
>run on bare hardware (perhaps those who know could fill us in on what
>facilities where available).

Rosetta Smalltalk was more or less Smalltalk-72, and ran on 
a 6502-based (or 6502-eqiuvalent) machine with 64K of memory.

David Chase
NaturalBridge LLC

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