Windows MIDI utilizes software MIDI, not Mac

Mark Guzdial guzdial at
Mon Feb 1 21:05:17 UTC 1999

Some of us have been playing with Squeak MIDI here, and a Windows user was
saying that he gets great MIDI quality "by choosing the third menu item"
when MIDIPort requests from user the right port.  Third menu item?  On my
Mac, I can only choose which serial port that I might have a hardware
synthesizer on.

So, I tried Virtual PC.  In Windows Squeak, I also get the option of
SoundBlaster MIDI, or Yamaha MIDI, or whatever other software synthesizers
that are available.  It sounds great!

The Mac has such a software MIDI synthesizer built-in, available through
QuickTime.  Is it possible to be able to access it the same way that
Windows Squeakers can access their software synthesizer?  I'm trying to dig
through the Sources and the QuickTime docs
tm#22202) but I'm not quite grokking it.

Thanks for any tips!

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