squeak prefs file (was RE: shift-cmd keys [BUG][FIX])

SWallace scottw at wdi.disney.com
Tue Feb 23 23:05:49 UTC 1999

On Mon 22 Feb, Norton, Chris wrote:
>...I'll politely ask if anyone has considered creating a Squeak
> "preferences" file that could be configured and would not be overwritten
> whenever we download the latest & greatest versions of Squeak.  Thus, if the
> (programmable?) keyboard issue is resolved, we could configure our systems &
> save such configuration info into our preferences file.

Until a general feature along these lines comes along, you might consider doing what I've done for years: privately maintain a couple of personalized customizing methods in a fileout which, when loaded into any Squeak, will configure that system to suit my personal taste.  I transport this fileout manually from one release to another.

When I bring my personalizing fileout into a new image, for example, it immediately installs my personal choices for things like:

  *  all the various "preferences" settings
  *  author name (for change-set preambles)
  *  author's initials (for method time-stamps)
  *  personalized list of choices for the "do..." menu
  *  my own criteria for what constitutes a "reportable slip" in a changeset.
  *  my own enhanced debugging menus
  *  my preferred shadings for morphic menus
  *  a customized kind of highlighting for list panes
  *  my preferred "home url" for Scamper

.... and in addition, it includes several utilities which I use a lot but which remain outside the public release.

I imagine many other Squeak users carry along similar little fileouts for personalizing a system.

 -- Scott

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