Virtual Machine Worshop at OOPSLA

johnm at johnm at
Wed Feb 24 22:09:19 UTC 1999

I've greatly enjoyed the recent "Optimizing Squeak" thread.

Folks interested in Squeak VM optimization might be interested in an
OOPSLA workshop that I'm putting together with Antero Tailvalsari
of Sun entitled something like "Simplicity versus Performance in Virtual
Machine Design". The focus of the workshop will be not simply how to
make faster VM's, but how to balance performance against other
considerations such as portability, size, maintainability, and simplicity.
Participants will have to submit and present a short working paper on
some aspect of VM design (such as Jan's bytecode set proposal) for
discussion. Unfortunately, attendence will have to be limited in order to
keep the group small enough to support discussion. The workshop will
not be Squeak-centric; I hope Java, Lisp, and other languages will
be represented.

OOPSLA workshops are held a day or two before the conference proper.

I hope to see some of you there!

	-- John

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