Microsoft shopping for Java alternative

Jan Bottorff janb at
Fri Feb 12 23:46:43 UTC 1999

I see at,4153,1013901,00.html
that Microsoft may be shopping for a Java alternative. Perhaps we could
convince them Smalltalk would be a viable option. :)

Microsoft injecting $50M into Smalltalk would probably do wonders for it's
popularity. Smalltalk is an ANSI standard language and there are already a
number of Smalltalk developers around. They could also probably buy a
decade of already developed technology, to get things rolling fast. Sounds
like a lot shorter path than creating a brand new language.

I suppose a prototype based language like Self or even JavaScript might be
options. A JavaScript like language with rich class libraries and serious
implementation technology might also be a killer language.

On the downside, Microsoft probably has no interest in platform portability.

On the upside, I'm for almost anything that moves things away from the C++

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