Speed of SGI VM: 2.3 vs 2.2

Bill Cattey wdc at MIT.EDU
Wed Feb 24 23:50:08 UTC 1999

To continue to ponder the performance issue raised by Doug Way, I
fetched 2.2 and built it on the SGI.  For some reason, the default
compilation flags -32 -mips2 build me a VM that core dumps.  The
compilation flags -n32 -mips3 build me a working one that ends up
almost, but not quite as fast as the 2.3VM I have in hand.

Average time for the little100 factorial benchmark:
	2.2 VM for IRIX 5.3 from Ian: ~34ms
	2.3 VM for IRIX 6.3 I built: ~38ms
	2.2 VM for IRIX 6.3 I built: ~38ms

Do people think this performance is reasonable, or that there are some
things I should try to measure whether this performance difference is

Are there suggestions about what to try to win back the performance
achieved by the old VM build?


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