Microsoft shopping for Java alternative

William Barnett-Lewis wlewis at
Sat Feb 13 04:19:15 UTC 1999

I guess I'd rather see a "Visual Smalltalk" (especially knowing that the
Squeak code is safely open) than not see st ever make any mass impact;
just because MS has a bad habit of really poor in house product that
does not inhernetly mean that everything that has come out of Redmond is
unusable; (erk... am I really making this argument????) one thing that
they have been actually very good at is marketing another companies
software if they themselves _cannot_ for whatever reason write it. Too
excellent examples are Flight Simulator and the Close Combat series - I
have both on my Mac. FS died at 4.0 but I have both titles in the CC
series. Excellent games and MS couldn't have written them; but for
varying reasons they needed them in thier lineup and willingly licensed
them. You might just find that in thier desperation to just Sun off,
they might do more than you expect.

Terror sometimes does that... ;'p

(lots of other peoples good thoughts chopped off at the knees)

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