[FIX] InterpreterSimulator, SystemTracer, and UnixFileDirectory

Tim Rowledge rowledge at interval.com
Wed Feb 3 22:12:16 UTC 1999

On Wed 03 Feb, ohshima at is.titech.ac.jp wrote:
>   The first is that InterpreterSimulator should have 
> primStringtranslatefromtotable method.
Strange, I felt sure that my 2.3 image had that in anyway -but you're right, it
was a fix I made from 2.3beta and had remembered to filein. I thought I'd
submitted it, but obviously not!
>   The second is that initCompactClasses in SystemTracer
> should be consistent with compact classes of the 2.3
> release.
Whilst it is better if it is consistent, this is not the whole problem. I've
been playing with cloning (again) to do a final 2.3 version of the new
CompiledMethod stuff we talked about some time ago. I found Strings that swore
they were ClassOrganisers because of the changes in compact class indices! Now
that causes some fun bugs, let me tell you.
Making the two lists consistent will help a lot, but Dan & I seem to have
concluded that stripping the ccIndex field from the class' format word during
#writeBehavior: and replacing it with a corrected value would be a better, more
robust answer. It will also allow the cloner to deliberately (I put 'dilbertly'
first time, fraudian slip:-)  change the compact classes list without hassles -
which seems like something that should be the case.
It turns out that the 2.3beta NCM image has Strings that believe they are
compact class members and yet has a String class that thinks it is non-compact.
Still works ok though, such are the wonders of our world.
Oh, another bug in the cloner right now is that contexts will get cloned as the
size up-to-the-SP rather than the fixed 38 words they need to be. More curious
behaviour than you could want follows from that little bug!

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