R.I.P. Byte

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Thu Feb 4 16:45:13 UTC 1999

Dwight Hughes <dwighth at ipa.net> writes:

> Yes, BYTE was taken over by CMP and they stopped production about July
> '98 IIRC, promising to come back with a new revamped BYTE, but I just
> received another mag to finish off the remaining issues on my
> subscription. CMP is going to try to milk the BYTE name as an online
> magazine/info site sometime this year.
> When BYTE forgot the importance of being unique and forgot how to be the
> "Scientific American" of computer mags, it was just running on inertia
> anyway. The old BYTE would have had a field day with the open source
> movement and Squeak and all sorts of neat things happening now, but
> these didn't even register with the "new" BYTE. Sigh.
> -- Dwight

Modulo a perhaps overly Win32 zealous view of the Universe, Dr. Dobbs
Journal has at least partially filled the void left by Byte's

The Byte article on XLISP is what got me hooked on VHLL's :)

You know what we need, *badly?*

A CDROM with the entire run of Byte, even if in text-only form.

Maybe if CMP are as money hungry as they seem, they'd see the
potential market of such a thing.

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