Classical Applications (was Re: 17 new updates)

Joachim Durchholz joachim.durchholz at
Sun Feb 21 11:42:44 UTC 1999

agree at wrote:
> I have never experienced anything but the most enthusiastic support
> from Squeak central, even though many of my projects are distinctly
> inconsistent with their seminal aims.  This may have something to do
> with the approach I have taken in my dealings with them, however,
> which is to say, "I would like to do this," as opposed to "I would
> like this done for me."

Being the one who sparked this "I'd like this done for me" discussion, I
feel that I should add a comment here.

I agree to what you say. Doing things is much better than demanding
things. Normally this is the course of action that I pursue myself.

Unfortunately, I have only so much free time, which is largely eaten up
by other activities. I'd like to use Squeak for a specific project, and
I have the time to do that project - but I don't have the time (nor the
expertise, as I'm a complete newbie) to build foundations for it.

Of course, I should not (and most definitely will not!) complain if the
Squeak community says "no time" or "interesting but doesn't fit" or
whatever. In that case, I'll either have to look for something else, or
scrap the project, or wait until I have enough time and Squeak
experience to do the foundation work and my project. The latter option
would be a pity but hardly the fault of Squeak Central or the Squeak

However, I do expect that the Squeak community considers the ideas and
accepts or rejects them with a reason. "No time" or "incompatible with
primary goals of Squeak" or "incompatible with Squeak technology" are
answers that I most definitely respect.
"Just saying No" is not a reaction that I respect.
I should add that the overwhelming majority of responses fell into the
first category (inluding the one I'm responding to here).

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