Need help building 2.3 VM.

Lex Spoon lex at
Tue Feb 23 01:08:22 UTC 1999

I had trouble building under some version of IRIX or another, too.  I
ended up doing something like "gcc -o Squeak *.c -lm -lX11" to get it to
work, which seemed to work fine.  I didn't try the pluggable primitives
with this particular compile, though, so maybe those didn't work.


Bill Cattey <wdc at MIT.EDU> wrote:
> Nobody ever replied with my questions about building the VM under SGI
> While waiting, I experimented building under Solaris 2.6.
> The VM build there is apparently successful but has two consistent bad
> behaviors:
> 	Attempting to enter Play With Me 3 (16 bits) hangs the VM and ALT .
> cannot interrupt.
> 	Running the B3DBox demo displays NOTHING, and the X cursor
> (IE no cursor is shown when the mouse enters the Squeak Window.)
> I presume folks were deferring to Ian for answers to build questions,
> but he seems pretty swamped, so I'd be grateful if others would chime
> Note also:  I updated my source to take Ian's latest redefinition of
> ioMicroMSecs.
> Is there something else that needs to be touched before a completely
> happy VM is built?
> -wdc

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