It's heating up out there...

johnm at johnm at
Sat Feb 6 01:51:59 UTC 1999

The latest issue of PenComputing has reviews of both these machines.
However, they forgot to include the performance of Squeak in their
testing...  :-)

They did mention that the color on the original Jornanda was
a little weird, and that HP claimed it was due to a quality/battery
life tradeoff.

	-- John

Dan Ingalls <DanI at> wrote:
> A couple of pretty interesting new PDA's on the horizon, allegedly for spring delivery...
> The E-100 from Casio
> ...
> The Jornada 420 from HP
> ...
> Both should run Squeak pretty well.
> But...
>     how is the display in bright light?
>     how long does the battery last with and w/o backlighting?
>     what are the actual Squeak speeds?
> Anybody have any further info on these two or other similar machines?

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